Art and Being ~ Let your soul be touched
Art and Being ~ Let your soul be touched

About the Artist ~ Nicole Alaya Wetzel

Born in December 1974 in Berlin, Germany. (Sun in Sagittarius, AC Cancer, Moon in Pisces)


After living in Berlin, Sydney and Christchurch, I have now settled in Nelson (New Zealand) with my husband and our two gorgeous kids.


I am the owner of Art & Being and work as an Artist, Astrologer and Souljourney facilitator.


I love to inspire and journey with other beings through the landscapes of their soul. That is why in 2016 I started writing and facilitating Souljourneys.


In 2005 I fully connected with my creativity and began to experiment with acrylic colors on canvas in clear shapes and sharp contrasts. Later I adapted the dot-painting technique and have discovered the beauty in creating mandalas and stone art. Many transcendental pieces of art have emerged since.

I have read and dot-painted lots of beautiful and unique Soulstones for clients.


Since an early age I have easily accessed the infinity of the cosmos through the doorways of colors, music, nature and the beautiful world of sacred geometry. There has always been a fascination with mythology, astrology and symbols.


The expression of my creativity is pure and authentic; straight from the source through heart and hands into shapes, touch or words. My customers describe my artwork as vibrant, healing and insightful or just “beyond words”.


Drop out of your mind and Let your soul be touched ♥

Nicole Alaya Wetzel




some more labels...:


Steuerfachangestellte, Financial Accountant, Psychological Astrologer, Quantum Healer, Body-Enlightenment© Balancer, Soul Realignment Practitioner, Tao Masseuse, Highly Sensitive Person, Empath, Counsellor, Artist and Inspiratrice.