Art and Being ~ Let your soul be touched
Art and Being ~ Let your soul be touched

Nicole Alaya Wetzel

Born in December 1974 in Berlin, Germany. (Sagittarius, AC Cancer, Moon in Pisces)


After living in Berlin, Sydney and Christchurch, I have settled with my husband and our two gorgeous kids in one of the most beautiful parts of the world: Sunny Nelson in New Zealand.


From here evolves and grows our international family travel business Global Wings in Germany and New Zealand.


I am the owner of Art & Being and work as an Artist, Astrologer and Souljourney facilitator. Since an early age I have easily accessed the infinity of the cosmos through the doorways of colors, music, nature and the beautiful world of sacred geometry. There has always been a fascination and an inner knowingness about mythology, astrology and symbols.


After giving birth to my beautiful daughter and moving to New Zealand in 2005, I fully connected with my pure and authentic creativity. I started painting with acrylics on canvas, exploring the different frequencies of colors, shapes and contrasts. For many years I dotpainted beautiful Mandalas and Soulstones. Many transcendental pieces of art have emerged since. Soulstones are a colorful visual expression, emerging from my vast astrological and intuitiv wisdom. I have read and dotpainted countless unique Soulstones for clients all over the world. Most woman describe working with me as healing and insightful or simply just “beyond words”.


I love to inspire and journey with other beings through the untouched landscapes of their soul. In 2016 my focus shifted and I started receiving, writing and facilitating Souljourneys to initiate and align women with the desires and purpose of their Soul. I hold a healing, conscious space and facilitate processing and clearing of blockages for a particular stage of the soul's journey back home.


Drop out of your mind and Let your soul be touched ♥

Nicole Alaya Wetzel




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Steuerfachangestellte, Financial Accountant, Psychological Astrologer, Quantum Healer, Body-Enlightenment© Balancer, Soul Realignment Practitioner, Tao Masseuse, Highly Sensitive Person, Empath, Counsellor and Inspiratrice.

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